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Kenny Smith Oscar Selfie
Prompting on green screen shoot
Prompting in Pullman Yard
Prompting for a Super Bowl feature.
Prompting for John Grisham
Prompting for The Final Four Show
Corporate Shoot
Teleprompting for Riggles Picks
ELEAGUE Control Room
Teleprompting for Darius Rucker
At the Final Four
Inside the NBA on TNT
Prompting for Simmons
Teleprompting for a Corporate Shoot
Icy Teleprompting
Prompting for Spartan Race Show
Prompting NCAA March Madness
Prompting for Jennifer Montana
Our New 17" Autocue Wide Angle
Prompter on a Jib
ELEAGUE Championship
ELEAGUE Championship
Prompting for a Church
Prompting for AT&T CEO
Prompting for the Brawny Man
TWC Shoot at Stone Mountain
Prompting for MLB on TBS
Prompting for ECG Productions
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